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“If only the whole world could see the world differently”


It’s how you see the world

What would happen if you accepted there are no limits to what you can achieve?

Just a gap between where you are now and where you want to be?

Very few things are truly impossible. Most of the impossible things we see are only impossible because we choose to see them that way. Because it’s easier. Once we accept something to be impossible, we have no responsibility to waste any more energy on them. We can blissfully allow ourselves to live a life more ordinary.

Yet for some people, maybe you, the thought of being ordinary is more painful than the struggle of bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be. I am one of those people. I just can’t accept that things are the way they have to be. I believe there is always another way. A better way…

If only it was that easy

It would be easy to say things like this if you had never faced challenge. If you had never had a long uphill climb. If you had never faced the seemingly impossible, how easy to tell other people that there was no such thing as impossible.

Having faced many ‘impossible’ challenges personally and in business. I can recount stories of failure from things that I could say I had little influence over to things where I made a bad decision. I have been on the ropes, backed into the corner and faced situations that some would say had no hope.

I have felt lost, stuck, scared and anxious.

You have to dig deep

Somehow, every time I have turned things around and in doing so, had to answer some deep questions to get there…

  • Why does it need to be this way?
  • How have I got myself into this place?
  • What do I need to change the situation?
  • Isn’t it just easier to give in?
  • Who am I if I do give in?



To fly high

I found that no situation you find yourself in has to be the way it first appears. By changing our own perception, we are a long way to changing things. I also realised that in that moment, the question of how you got there doesn’t help. There is a time for debriefing how you got there, in order to save it happening again, but that’s not when you need all your energy to move forward.

The only thing you should spend energy on is working out what you need to know, to move from your current situation, to the situation you want to be in. It will always be a list of things you need to learn or do. This is where all of your energy is needed.

I discovered that in that moment, it is easier to give in. Even now, I know that for every challenge I face, it is harder to break through, than it is to give in at that point in time. But giving in leads to long term pain whereas putting in the effort to change your situation is the only way to move forward.

More than anything, how we respond to the challenges we face, says a lot about the who we are. About our own values and more.

For me, that leaves no option but to continue to acknowledge the roadblocks, and then remove them. I have learnt to relish the challenge and to find massive satisfaction in helping others to do the same. I do this in my own organisations (below) and for organisations I get to work with.


“Elton is that rare beast - a creative thinker who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and help to deliver what he's dreamed up."

Tom Horner

“Elton doesn't think outside the box as he doesn't see a box in the first place. He has the ability to look at any aspect or challenge and to envision creative and alternative solutions."

Ian Thomas

“Elton knows how to weave a complex narrative together with engaging content, cooking up a storm in the room and leaving the audience buzzing with action steps after."

Annick Petrou

“When it comes to working in a group to solve problems, Elton is able to present his 'alternate viewpoints' in a way that helps others to see new possibilities and outcomes."

Gordon Hall

“Elton is perfect for any company that wants CEO’s and teams speaking the same language. He is great and passionate speaker who really cares about your company. Book him today"

Elliot Kay

“Elton's thinking is first rate; he diagnoses issues at a strategic level, then comes up with creative but practical solutions that have a habit of working.

Tom Horner

“If you are looking for an entertaining and intelligent speaker, I can highly recommend Elton. After seeing him speak at The Institute of Directors, he immediately made it into my list of favourites."

Annick Petrou


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