Are Google Ads better than social media ads?

‘In this post (and video), we’re going to talk about what’s better; Google Ads or social media ads. Should you be using google ads or social media ads? Which one is better?

Okay, it’s a kind of false question. Let me explain why. They both do absolutely different things and they fit into the sale cycle of the marketing process at different points.

Let’s look at both so that you know which one is right for your business.

Okay, first of all, social media ads.

What do we mean and where do they come in? So, social media ads are the ones where you will either boost a post or you might just have a direct link back to your website and you show an advert, so you literally show whether it’s an image or a video, and it’s designed to get people to take action.

Imagine now where that fits in the whole sales process. It’s right at the beginning because this is interruption marketing it’s push marketing.

There was the person innocently using their social media and all of a sudden an advert comes up much like an advert on the tv, in a magazine, on a radio, it’s interruption marketing or push marketing. It’s you get an in front of the person.

So where might this be good? Well, if somebody has no previous knowledge of even needing the solution that you’ve got, if they didn’t know the solution exists, then you’re not going to find them coming to look for the solution. You need to get in front of them and interrupt them to let them know they’ve got something. If you are trying to build up brand awareness and they’re not aware of you and you want them to become aware of you or if they are aware of you but you just want to keep reinforcing that brand awareness, you’re gonna need to get in front of them. Social media works really well for that.

If you need to increase your brand, then brand awareness through social media ads. Nobody’s looking for you, and suddenly they still see you. It allows you to build your brand, so this is good for social media ads.

Social media ads are definitely push marketing. Now, whether you push them through to a promoted post or whether you just get them to click to the website, that’s all about what you want them to do. I’ve got other posts and videos on push and pull marketing, but it’s certainly about when you get in front of somebody that you interrupting them.

Let’s talk about Google Ads now. Somebody has already put their hand up and said, I need a solution to this need, and when they’ve done that and your advert appears, you are forming part of the pull marketing part. They’ve already identified that they’re looking for you or somebody like you. Now, if you have a look at most two parts, they come at different stages.

Social media ads – Before i’m even aware I need you you’ve appeared.


Google Ads when –  I’ve identified that I need you or something like what you offer, you then appear.

So when you look at that, you can understand different things on how much you’d be willing to pay for an ad. You can look at why one might have a higher conversion rate than the other by understanding where they fit in the marketing journey. Now we know the difference between a social media ad or a Google Ads ad and where they fit in the sales process, let’s have a look at why you might want one or the other or both.

So first of all, what is a Google Ad really good at? Well, people have already identified themselves so your conversion rate will be far higher on a google ad. Just simply because that person is already identified as needing something similar to what you are providing. So the cost per click could be higher, but the cost per conversion still lower than a social media ad.

However, with a social media ad we’re now interrupting and reaching poeople that may not otherwise have seen so we would expect more people to see the ad than actually click on the ad (lower clickthrough rate). Okay, so when we understand where each ad fits in the sales process, then it has a different purpose and we can now start to understand whether one is better for us, then another, whether we need both or just one.

Of course, this is just a top level introduction to help you consider which ads are best for you. there are many factors that will ultimately influence your decision. If you would like help working out the most effective route for your business, then I would love to help. Use the form below to enquire about working directly with me.


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