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15 short years ago, a mere 5% of marketing spend was online. Today, it is considered by many, the only channel that delivers a return

15 short years ago, people would choose from TV, magazines, Direct Mail, Radio, Newspapers, telemarketing and some future thinkers would consider Search Engine Optimisation. Today, most savvy marketers avoid many of those options and think that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is simply a start.

15 short years ago, people went Christmas shopping in their cars. Today, most Christmas shopping turns up at your door from a van. The world has fundamentally changed and as a business leader, you must get with the program if you have any chance of surviving. Allow me to simplify things. 100% of your competition are using most of their marketing budget to reach most of your audience in just one area of marketing. Digital Marketing.

But I’m only telling you half the truth so let me quickly tell you the rest. The digital space is dominated by just three platforms. Google, Facebook and Amazon. Your efforts on every other platform are wasted in the face of the big three. Your potential customers, even for the Business to Business types have in the main, decided there are only three options when it comes to finding what you offer. It would be completely remis of me if I didn’t refer to every lazy marketers’ arch enemy. Allow me to introduce you to Pace of Change.

Remember, 15 short years ago, smart marketers were beginning to experiment with ‘pay per click’ as a model to pay for exposure. Remember 15 short years ago, your digital marketing guys were still at school.

The pace of change is rapid, and it continues to grow. Your digital marketing guys can’t tell you what they don’t know; what they are doing wrong; what they are missing. Even if they could, and they told you, you’d probably fire them. You don’t know everything about digital marketing yourself. If you did, you are probably in the wrong job. But remember, the pace of change is still growing.

Competition is increasing. Relevant channels are converging. There are simply too many organisations fighting for too few slots. I Believe that there are just five key questions you need to be asking your digital marketers. Without them, you are likely just accepting what you are being told. If you don’t know what the questions are, how to ask them and what answers you need back, you are taking every odd you could possibly find and stacking them all firmly against yourself.

If you are anything like me, the thought of being responsible for putting my organisation at risk by not knowing the five questions is scary. If you are anything like me, the thought of my people being at risk of losing their jobs, confidence, sense of pride etc. just because I failed to understand what a business owner needed to know when it comes to digital marketing. Now that just freaked me out so much that I had to find nail, it and create the 5 simple questions for others to use too.

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The 5 key questions

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My name is Elton Boocock. In 1997 I started a digital marketing company the year before Google even had its funding. I am also the guy who in 2003 woke up to find the bank was empty. The stream had run dry. The party was over, and the cleaning up had to begin. The music had stopped but I still had to face it. There was only one reason and it was because although I knew a lot about digital marketing, I didn’t know what a CEO or business owner needed to know.

Today, I still own that digital marketing company, only now it is run by an MD which allows me to focus on helping other people just like you that need to know not ‘how to tweet’ or ‘get to number one in Google’, but how to manage the people that do. I help to make sure you avoid the massive pitfalls of getting it wrong and receive the benefits of achieving the successes you are aiming for. I do that by working with you, alongside your people, whether internal or outsourced.

I am a speaker, trainer, BBC Radio panellist and author. Most of all though, I am extremely passionate about trying to help you get results from a marketing channel that is often over sold and under delivered. I want that to stop. I want you to succeed.

Business management solution for installation businesses.

Urban Media, Digital Marketing Agency.

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“Elton is an expert in his field and always available to support, advise and demonstrate potential solutions. I would certainly turn to Elton for further web development and internet marketing advice.”

Richard Milner
Digital & Events Marketing Manager – Pitmans LLP

“Very impressed with Elton's ability to offer focused value added solutions to website design and SEO strategies.”

Steve Hanks
Director at Codex Solutions Limited

“Elton has demonstrated an in depth knowledge of both internet and social marketing and how they link to capture new business opportunities. I recommend Elton without hesitation as both a supplier and a client.”

David Amor
Managing Director at First Move direct marketing

“I wanted to know more about Social Media and Internet Marketing so attended one of Elton's courses and learnt a great deal. He can even help me use the knowledge I've gained through ongoing tuition. A very talented man who's now even written a book about it!”

Ted Yeates
Managing Director at Your Money Friend Ltd

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