What should I measure on my website?

‘In this post (and video), we’re going to talk about the things that you should be measuring on your website. There is so much we can measure, so getting this right will save you from hours or even days of wasted time. More Importantly, it will lead you to success much faster.

So when it comes to gathering information about your website, there’s so much available and that becomes part of the problem. I often say, is Google analytics your best friend or your worst enemy? And it could be both. So in this post, we’re gonna look at the kind of things that you should be measuring on your website.

The first thing to know is there are layers and layers of data. There’s layers and layers of analytics and for your web developer, for your internet marketers, they will probably want to go into far more detail than i’m suggesting you do. So, as the business owner, you need to be looking at some Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). We want some KPI’s that don’t just flood you with too much information, but they tell you exactly what you need to know. In other posts and videos I talk about just having one single number, and that one number is your conversion rate.

The reason I talk about that is because you need to break down each area of your marketing, and ask what’s its number one purpose is. The number one purpose of your website is to convert visitors into enquiries or sales.

Now there’s some key numbers that contribute to your conversion rate. These might be ‘bounce rate’, ‘time on site’, ‘time on page’, it could be ‘landing pages’, so the pages that people actually land on first it could be ‘exit pages’. There’s lots of other information that will support whether your conversion rate is increasing or decreasing, but always stay focused on just that one number. The conversion rate. How well are we doing at converting visitors into enquiries or sales?

But how do we do that? What sort of things do we do about it?

Most people leave their website once they’ve had it built, and the results they get are the results they get, and that’s ridiculous.

The reason so many people do it, and why it is so ridiculous is because they just don’t know another approach.

Now, what you can be doing with your conversion rate, of course, is looking at where the conversions come from, so you might find that more conversions come from social media than people typing your website address directly or than search engines for example.

So you could be saying, hold on, I know what my conversion rate is, but it’s far higher or far lower, depending where they come from, and whilst that’s not a measurement of that platform or source, it’s certainly a measurement of the ability for your website to convert visitors from those areas. So it may (read: should!) influence how much you spend, for example, attracting people from certain platforms or sources.

This is still the conversion rate, but it’s decided by where it comes from. When you look at your conversion rate it might change over time. Now, hopefully, that’s an improvement so that you’re seeing the work that you do to continually apply conversion rate optimisation. However, it could also be seasonal, so maybe you happen to have a particular period of time where the conversion rate is lower just before a peak, and then it tales off again.

What does it tell you about that particular seasonality? What does that information then tell you about whether you should be spending more on push marketing during that particular time? If you knew in month one your conversion rate was 50% and in month two it was 25%, would you not spend more of your advertising budget in month one? Because you know you’re going to convert more people. So when you look at conversion rate, you can go a few layers below to understand what’s making up your conversion rates.

Having this tight focus on what you should measure on your website will help you to get results faster. If you would like to work with me to speed up your own results, then use the form below to get in touch. I would love to help you by going into more specific details for your own situation.

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