How to get customers banging at your door!

In this video. I’m gonna help you to understand why customers will be banging your door down. 

So wouldn’t it be great if we had customers banging on our doors down for the product or the service that we have to provide them with? In this post we’re gonna look at exactly how that happens. What’s the difference between you having to bash other people’s doors down as opposed to them bashing yours down?

Well, it’s all about emotion. Let me explain. It’s really good practise to understand our ideal avatar, the person who is our ideal customer. It’s great practise to focus on the needs that they’ve got. But the difference between whether people will come to you or you have to go to them, is all gonna be about how well we connect emotionally with our customer.

Okay, so what’s that about? Well, the more we touch on the emotional aspect of their need rather than the functional aspect of their need, the more they will come needing the product that you’ve got, so all it means to you in your marketing is to really look for the emotional trigger.

You see, all of us buy first of all on emotion and then justify that with logic. And it doesn’t matter whether we’re now talking to the most creative person or the most technical person, that exists within all of us.

So if we can deal directly with the emotions of your ideal customer, then we’re gonna connect more easily because it’s on the emotional level that we’re all making these buying decisions.

In a previous video, i’ve spoken about how we talk about an energy drink and the need that’s been solved, and the need is to do good work. That’s great, because it’s far better than saying i’ve got a substance here with certain ingredients in, way better to talk about the the need the real need that that person has.

But once the emotional trigger, you see what we said is we’ve got an energy drink that has certain ingredients that its features. The benefit is it gives you energy. The need is that i’ve got to get some stuff done at work, and I need to focus and have energy in order to do it.

But we haven’t yet touched the emotion. What’s the emotion? What’s going to happen if I don’t get that piece of work done, how will it affect me emotionally? How do I feel if I don’t put in my best work? That’s really where we need to get. We need to be talking about the emotional level of that need.

What we’re looking for is to get people really needing your product so that they have to have it. There’s no question around it. Thats not you pushing it onto them. It is you helping them to see how they absolutely need it. We have to connect emotionally, to connect emotionally we look at the need that they’ve got, the problem that you’re solving, but the emotional aspect of it, not the technical aspect.

You’re not giving somebody energy which gives them focus, you’re stopping the fears that they have if they don’t get the piece of work done.

So what is it? What’s the emotional trigger? So if you’re a decorator, then it’s the embarrassment that people have if their home isn’t right, you know that doesn’t matter what trade or what sector you’re in. They’ll always be this emotional trigger.

What is it? Find it for what you do and when you find it, those are the things that we talk about within our marketing that then leads other people to come calling us out and needing what it is we have to provide.


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