Launching thinkivity! 

Introducing thinkivity, a perfect blend of deep thinking and purposeful creativity leading to seemingly impossible things becoming possible.


For years I have been helping business owners and the teams within my own businesses to see things from a different perspective, in order to create breakthroughs small and large.

With thinkivity, I felt it was time to bring forward this mindset and creative thinking side of what I do on a daily basis with those I work with. After all, our level of thinking has the ability to creating the biggest impact for ourselves and others.

Dreaming allows us to see an alternate outcome, a solution to the impossible. Thinkivity is a process of deeper, more challenging thinking, whilst still remaining creative. The result is a better outcome for you and your organisation.

Thinking alone can leave you boxed in. Creativity alone, can lead to impractical ideas. But when you mix them together, magic happens. Far from being theoretical, the purpose of thinkivity is to create real, tangible impact.

Since thinkivity is simply the label for the work I do that is not digital marketing and is more organisational/business thinking, you will see a lot of joint branded content from me. Where you see this, you can be sure the content is there to help you think differently in order to solve real challenges you may be facing in your organisation.

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