Using Social Media in Your Business to Generate Sales Enquiries

What is covered?

Love it or hate it, communication through Social Media is now an integral part of the marketing success of any business. It is no longer ‘new’, but it is still very misunderstood in relation to business benefits. Despite this, there is a massive uptake in terms of business owners turning to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in particular. I will be explaining in plain English where Social Media fits into your marketing strategy and how you can effectively use it to generate new business.

What will delegates leave with?

Delegates will leave with an understanding of how to use social media for their business. They will also be clear about which of the social media channels are appropriate for them. I will also introduce tools which will make social media management a less time-consuming task.

Presentation specifics

Interactive session

Opportunities for questions

Internet Access required

Delegate Laptops required

Worksheets provided

Screen, projector & speakers required

Tables for delegates required

This workshop is ideally suited for an audience size of 10 – 50 people, depending on the space available at the venue. A less interactive presentation can be run for larger groups.


Extremely informative – gave me the ‘push’ to get sorted with Social Media. Something I knew I should be doing, but was nervous about. Jane McCourt

Extremely informative – Gave me the push to get sorted with social media – something I knew I should be doing, but was nervous about. Jane McCourt

Excellent, an eye opener for me. I won’t have to ask my children to explain to me about social media!!! Hardeep Bola





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