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Social Media Marketing is one of those terms that has grown over the last few years and yet most organisations still struggle to get to grips with how it can help them. Meanwhile, those that have invested the time in social media marketing are now reaping rewards. One of the challenges with social media is the fact that it delivers a mid to long term benefit. Faced with this, many organisations are avoiding a very important form of marketing. This is a big mistake!

Social media is the new place for word of mouth. Just think about the last product or service you bought on recommendation. If you know a good builder, would you go to Google to search for more? The likelihood is that you won’t even type that term into Google. Social media does the exact same thing. Google themselves have entered the world of social media (Google+) because they know this. The monetary value of what has become known as ‘social commerce’ (sales that have been generated through social media marketing) has rocketed over the last couple of years and the trend continues. These sales are coming from every walk of life, across all age ranges and in a huge range of sectors.

There are some sectors that are less affected by social media. You may be in one of those. Since Google’s own algorithm (working out search positions) uses social media activity as a growing factor, you still need to have a social media presence even if simply for the benefit of ranking high on the Google list. This factor alone will change the social media landscape more than anything else over the next few years, pushing more and more businesses to use social media and therefore increasing the benefits to those ‘early adopters’.

Elton has always been very pragmatic when it comes to social media. It can very easily become a distraction for your organisation, costing either opportunities (ignoring it) or time (trying to keep up with it!). Whether you just need social media to help with your Google positions or even if you need to be the social media leaders in your industry, Elton can help. He lays out the whole subject in really to understand ways. Having worked with people who have attended other social media training courses and come out feeling worse, Elton provides not just the training; but the all-important confidence too.

Working one or one or even in a group, Elton has a way of imparting his knowledge from both the strategic and the tactical point of view, in a way that is easy to follow and easy to implement.

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Courses can be made bespoke to your requirement, covering topics such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Hootsuite, Reputation Management, Social Media Plans etc. The starting point is always to consider your desired outcomes.






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