Developments in Social Media

Developments in Social Media

For many years companies have been setting up social media profiles as a means of promoting their business. Some have reaped the rewards and whilst others struggle to see any significant benefits from their efforts.

Those who have been successful have understood the difference between social media and traditional forms of marketing. They have switched from blasting out a message, to focusing on building rapport and developing an interactive online relationship with their followers. There activity is much more of a conversation and a sales pitch is avoided at all costs.

Unique Style of Marketing

There is no doubt that social media platforms and networks do offer a unique form of communication. It might seem odd that it has taken advanced digital technology to help us form more personalised and human ways to stay in touch. On social media we can have open, responsive and immediate communication with our loyal customers and prospects, along with people that might never buy from us, yet share our values and happily promote what we offer.

Your social media page can be seen as a gentle introduction. People can like your posts, follow your company and comment on your posts without any commitment to buy. They can show support for what you are doing, even if they don’t personally want what you offer. For business with a focus on conversions, this might be frustrating, yet it helps to build brand awareness and broaden your network of potential customers.

With an active social media presence, a company can showcase their personality, stand out from the crowd and generate interest. They can easily gather customer feedback, find natural partners and build communities. In time, this can lead to greater customer loyalty, it can drive traffic to the website, provide consumer confidence in your brand and encourage sales.

Social media posts should celebrate the passions and expertise of your business. If you love what you sell, then show it! You might include news items and sharing other posts which relate to your field of interest, as well as your own. Your posts should actively encourage a response to build interaction and when people do comment, reply!

Social Media Course

If your company has failed to have any success with social media or you are only just getting to grips with it as a marketing tool, you might benefit from the practical guidance that is offered in a social media course. From locally run events to online social media courses, the aim is not a detailed understanding of each platform, but rather a clear business perspective on how social media can help contribute to your wider marketing strategy.

The reality is that, in whatever form, social media is here to stay. Getting on board can help you to understand how to use it to your advantage.

Social Media Bots to Assist Businesses in the Future

There are a growing number of people who see use social media as the ideal tool for customer support. They would rather engage online than on the phone. Call centres and the repetitive on-hold music have ruined many telephone customer service experiences, so alternative options are sought. When they post feedback, reviews, comments and complaints on social media, they are looking for a timely response. Forget ‘we’ll get back to you within 24 hours’ as an hour is deemed long enough to wait.

The future sees the mainstream introduction of Chatbots to make it viable for companies to deal with requests, feedback, complaints and orders on social media. Basic versions are already in use, but with the rapid pace of change, advanced versions that can draw on existing data to undertake informed actions are in development. It is reported that these could be commonplace within the next 5 years.

In the present climate it is difficult to know what the future holds, but if social media can support your customer relations, then it is worth investigating!