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Whilst LinkedIn is widely recognised as being the social network for business professionals, there are considerable differences in the views about Facebook. Some companies have seen the platform transform their business, whilst others see it is a waste of time. So, if you are looking at ways to market your business, is Facebook worth considering?

Do You Have Something Appealing to post on Facebook?

Facebook remains the most widely used social media platform, with millions of people logging into their account every day. The question to really ask is whether those visitors would be interested in your content.

Facebook is a fun, social site. It is where people want to showcase all the good things that are happening, the great places they’ve been, the nights out they’re planning, their achievements and the causes they support. It is about reinforcing your personality through loyalty to brands, comments on topical stories and shared experiences.

If your company is involved in food, fashion, fitness or fun, then you could create content that really resonates with visitors. Charitable organisations can build strong support through social media and companies that run regular events can also benefit from promoting them on Facebook. If however you work in waste management, finance or legal services it would certainly be more of a challenge.

Isn’t Facebook just for Teenagers?

If you think that Facebook is simply full of teenage selfies, you could be missing out. For a start, although many young people do have a Facebook profile, the preferred social media platforms for teenagers at the moment are Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.

As soon as these become too popular, teenagers will have moved on to the next in thing. However it does show that if you are targeting the teen market with your products and services, interactive images and video have great appeal.

If you’ve dismissed Facebook because it doesn’t match your target demographic, you may want to reconsider. The 25-34 year old demographic has strong appeal to many marketing teams and a quarter of regular Facebook users are in this category. Older age groups are also well represented on this platform.

Is Facebook Activity a Waste of Time?

If you are using any social media platform to market your business, there is the risk of being drawn in and spending too much time reading other posts. There does need to be some level of self-control, but it is also important to realise that success on social media comes through building rapport, engaging in conversations and encouraging interaction. You can’t simply post and leave.

Facebook Insights also offers the opportunity to get real data on your activities. You can quantify the performance of posts, the responses and total reach of your communications. This data can be used to decide what content is engaging, so you know where to channel your efforts and get the best results from the time and effort you are putting in.

Another way of reducing the time spent on Facebook is to set aside a chunk of time to plan and prepare your content. You can then use a scheduling tool, such as Hootsuite, to upload your posts for distribution at specified times. You’ll still need a little time to respond to other’s comments, share content and add the occasional topical post, but scheduling supports more efficient social media use.

Can you Get Results Through Facebook Ads?

One of the most effective methods of making an impact on social media is with the use of Facebook Advertising. By setting clear target information, your content can be shown to exactly the type of person who you would love to be promoting your goods and services to. With the right set up, it doesn’t require a big budget for an SME to make quite an impact.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about using Facebook and other platforms for your business marketing, you might be interested in a free social media course that explores the platforms within the context of your wider online marketing plan. For more information click here.