Should I Sell my Google Shares (45 Minute Presentation)

What is covered?

Google has become a dominant force in not only in our own search needs, but our whole online success as a business. With so many visits coming to your website through search (or at least there should be!), are we too reliant on this giant? Will Google always be so dominant and could there be life without Google? All of these questions are worth considering now, before they (potentially) become a reality and the business dries up!

What will delegates leave with?

Delegates will leave with an understanding of how Google rose to power and why Google is ‘different’. Throughout the presentation we will take a look back, asses the current and forecast the future. Whilst the presentation is designed to provide an insight and not a specific ‘how to’, the message contained within will fundamentally change a delegates approach to online marketing.

Presentation specifics

Interactive session

Opportunities for questions

Internet Access required

Delegate Laptops required

Worksheets provided

Screen, projector & speakers required

Tables for delegates required

This workshop is ideally suited for an audience size of 10 – 50 people, depending on the space available at the venue. A less interactive presentation can be run for larger groups.


Great event! Very informative and superbly presented. Monika Becker

Presentation was very, very good. Elton’s ability to engage the audience is quite phenomenal.
Phil Fetzer

Absolutely excellent. Such a huge topic, but it was very well handled. Elton is clearly very knowledgeable and is great at answering questions. I learnt 6 new things today – wow! Howard Hill





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