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There are very few organisations that can afford to ignore Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We all know that the majority of purchases begin with someone using a search engine. What’s more, most of those searches are from Google. If you can’t get to the top half of the first page, you are losing potential business and that is costing you.

The challenge for most organisations is the ever changing requirements to get to and stay at the top of Google. With over 500 changes per year, you need a full time research and development team just to work out the strategy. Then, you need to generate a whole heap of content that is ‘search optimised’ and build links and get your web pages changed to the latest optimisation requirements and finally, make sure your site is performing as it should. There is no shortage of things to do. The problem is, most people start with the ‘task list’ and have no consideration for the overall plan.

Elton’s SEO training helps you to quickly get to do the tasks that will actually get you results. There are plenty of them, so you certainly don’t need to learn the hard (and long) way. Like most things in life, SEO has an 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of what you think you should do, will not produce the goods. It is the 20% that will. What Elton can show you is how and where to focus your energy. By following Elton’s SEO training, you will save hundreds of potentially wasted hours. What’s more, by implemented the ideas you will learn, the results could transform your organisation.

Remember, Elton’s main business (Urban Media) carries out hundreds of hours of SEO every month. Urban Media have developed a team of specialists and have the R&D department to make sure they get the mix right. With the systems to track and monitor results across a range of keyphrases/industries/organisation sizes, this ‘data’ or knowledge gives real evidence to the SEO training Elton provides. This is not just based on some out of date theory. The training you receive is backed up by evidence created each and every month.

So, whether you are tired of going round in circles, want to make sure you are using your time efficiently or just want to take your SEO in-house, Elton can help. Sign up for SEO training from Elton now!

Value for money? Elton has helped businesses to generate thousands in additional profits through his insights into SEO and his training. Don’t delay. Start getting better results in your SEO.





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