Hits And Visits

One of the biggest issues that we had when I first started an online business in 1997 was that people didn’t understand the difference between Hits and Visits. It’s actually really simple and I want to use this particular section to help you to understand Hits, Visits, Unique Repeat and what they actually mean to you.

First of all, let’s cover Hits. Imagine that you have a website that has three pictures and one video on its Home page. Every time somebody goes to that page, they’re going to generate you 5 Hits. But how can that be? Well, the first Hit will be for the web page itself. The next three Hits are all because of the images that are on that page, which now gives you four Hits. Finally, the video makes it 5 Hits. Suddenly that single visitor to that one page has gained you 5 Hits. The more items you put on that page, the more Hits you get on your website, the figure may look more appealing that the one for Visits, but it isn’t useful.

A Visit means a person clicking on and viewing your website. It’s irrelevant in terms of how many pages they look at (although you can analyse how many pages, on average, a visitor looks at). In tracking how many people are visiting your site, you have some useful and comparable information.

For a start you can see if that person a new visitor or a repeat visitor. No matter what your business, you will need plenty of new visitors, because they are your pipeline. The value of knowing your repeat visitors will depend on your industry and your sales cycle. This information can be useful if you are trying to gain an understanding of how many times people are likely to return before they make a purchase. If you sell something that really ought to sell on the first visit and people aren’t likely to come back, then you want lots of new visits. If people are visiting your site for the first time and not repeat visiting, the chances are they’ve decided to go with somebody else.

I hope that helps you to understand why you don’t need to measure Hits and that you should be looking at Visits and you can now see that the value of this relates back to your business.