Your Special Offer

Imagine somebody that you’ve wanted to see for a long time has travelled a long way to reach your house. How would you greet them? The chances are, you would let them in and make them a cup of tea. You weren’t actually planning on making a cup of tea, but as they’ve come all this way to see you, you want to make them feel welcome.

Let me relate that your website before you suddenly wonder what I am going on about. It’s a simple as this; if somebody has taken the time to come to your website, (bearing in mind that’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for), what are you going to do to make them feel special? Remember, we’re trying to create a connection with the people who visit our websites.

What offer can you provide that is special to that person coming to your website? There are some different options. Think about the types of people who come to your website. It could be that you’ve got ‘Web Only Pricing’, a discounted price for people who buy through your website. It could be that you give a one-time offer, only available the first time somebody comes to your website. Now of course that requires some technology, but it might suit your business to do exactly that.

To make it viable as your business expands, automated special offers can be a good option. That could include a free Report, or it might be 20% off on their first Web Order. You need to think about that in terms of your individual business; what you can afford to give people? This also includes considering how you are going to implement the technology behind these special offers. The principal is to find something that you can use to welcome your web visitor.


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