Video killed the Radio Star! If you can remember that song, then you will also remember visiting your first web pages. They didn’t have any video; they didn’t have any audio and were really quite basic. Of course things have moved on a lot since then. When I started Urban Media we began by creating audio/video, then I realised that the Internet was going to become the biggest TV Channel in the entire world. Inevitably it did, which is why we got into Web.

Video has now caught up and you can now find a video on virtually any topic on the Internet. Video can be used as a powerful marketing tool and it’s a Key Success Ingredient. People like to consume their information through Video, we enjoy a moving picture. Yes, a lot of us do read books, but we watch movies too. We go home and we watch the TV for relaxation. We like consuming our information through video.

What about the stats and figures to back that up? Well, YouTube is now the second biggest Search Engine. That’s right, it’s not the second biggest video website, Youtube is the second biggest Search Engine. I feel that is quite fundamental to understanding why video has to become one of your Success Ingredients. Also, remember that Youtube is owned by Google. Google is the biggest Search Engine the world has ever seen. So Google now has worldwide domination of search, followed by worldwide domination of video. If you want to be found online, then video simply can’t be ignored.

What can your company use video for? No matter what, you need to have good quality content. Relating to business, how can you create really good quality video-content that adds value for your website visitor? An introduction to your company in video that you use on your Website isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not adding a lot of value to your visitor. On the plus side it does provide a different dimension to your website, it’s fresh and they get to see you, but there are better options.

Think about how you can help your website visitors through video. In my case, I regularly film short updates and provide short information tips that help my customers become better equipped to answer and apply some of the questions that they might have on Internet Marketing.

What expertise do you have that you could break down into video? If you’re an Accountant, there’s got to be tips to help people complete returns, or to clearly explain business finance such as Profit and Loss. I may not understand Balance Sheets or Gearing Ratios etc. You could then have a series of videos explaining each of these topics.

If you’re a Solicitor, could you make a series of short videos that help your customers understand Family Law or ‘What to do in a road traffic accident’. You may now be thinking, “But we’re giving our information away for free and people are just going to use our free information and never come back!” Wrong, as you start to give out valuable information through video Content, you allow people to see that you know what you’re talking about. Your visitors will understand that you can help them. So, Video Content helps build your expert position. It is a fantastic technique if you are selling services that have information attached.

Products can be promoted through video in the exact same way. Let’s say that you’ve got a technical product, show that product being used. It’s really simple; film somebody setting up or using the product to demonstrate how it works. You could even put bullet points over the top, maybe have arrows pointing at the content. But most importantly, show how the product can really help somebody with their particular problem. Aftercare and maintenance instructions can also be better explained with video. Imagine if every piece of self-assembly furniture had a simple to follow video to complement the instruction sheet.

What about if you’re selling easier to define objects, for example, a holiday? If you show a video of the sunset coming over the beach, the views from the villa, the amenities that you’ve got, then that will all add up so much more than just your written text about that particular place.

Let’s use another example; I want to sell a car. I could have really nice glossy photos and really well written text and this can be further enhanced with a video of that car. I can show impressive shots of the car driving past. If it’s a big family car, I can show the boot opening up and a vast array of practical items being loaded in to highlight the available space. Or a video could be used to demonstrate how quickly the seating can be rearranged.

One of the biggest opportunities that you’ve got through video content is to show the personality of your company. For example, do you get involved in community events? Do you go out and paint the local School walls, or host a fundraising event for a local charity? Use video to let people see what you’re doing. You could also video training events or presentations that may be of interest and value to people outside of your organisation.

There is also a whole Social Media Marketing piece behind video and we will deal with that later. Meanwhile, get cracking with some ideas for video content because it is definitely part of your Success Program.


In this separate video section, I’m going to talk to you about creating your videos. Now, you can choose to go and get somebody to create videos for you and if you’re not very confident in front of a camera, then I would suggest that you consider doing this. Nowadays you can find Video Editors who are really not expensive. At Urban Media we charge £250 per month to create 4 video clips and promote them through Social Media. That just shows that it doesn’t have to be expensive to create ongoing content and have a new video coming out every week.

Let’s assume that you do you want to go out and create your own videos You are going to need some equipment, starting with a Camera. The good news is you do not need to go out and buy a huge, expensive Camera. All you need to film your videos is a small affordable, High Definition Flip Camera. Putting it on a simple tripod will also make it steady to shoot with, therefore making your videos much more professional.

The obvious downfall with little Camcorders has always been audio. Therefore, it is important that you invest in a microphone. They are called Lapel Microphones and they just clip on to your shirt. These microphones are designed to almost disappear because of their size. You hide all of the wiring of course, but it just plugs into the jack microphone socket in the side of your camera. So, they are very simple. To get all of that equipment, you’re looking at less than £100 and you’re on your way to filming your own video testimonials.

Don’t get too hung up about the production quality, whilst you want a good standard that is easy to watch, you aren’t creating film for Hollywood. Have a look on Youtube at some of the production quality of videos, so you can see what is important. Remember that the content is what your customers are interested in and therefore this is what you should focus on.