Let’s take some time to look at testimonials. This is my favourite section of these 8 Key Success Ingredients and I want to tell you why. It’s as simple as this: testimonials are the #1 Sales Converters that you can have on your website, or indeed anywhere else. Your customers love to learn that somebody else has been through the same situation and found that you provide a good solution.

Let me build a picture for you. You are now going out trying to find a new car. So, you’re going to go to the local BMW/Audi/Mercedes showroom. When you enter the garage you bump into a really happy customer who says “Do you know what? The first time I bought one of those cars you’re looking was 15 years ago. Every 3 years I’ve had once since. I’m in here today to buy number 6. I noticed that you’ve got a few children with you there, you’ve got 3 kids? Well, fitting them in can be a challenge, but my 3 kids have plenty of room in the back of this particular car. We love coming in here to buy a new car, because these guys have really gotten to know us well. They know what we need and what we like. Their Customer Service is better than the car itself and that’s fantastic!” Imagine how you are starting to feel, bearing in mind that we all buy on emotion. You would feel good about that particular car and that particular Garage.

Your website could be a very flat, impersonal thing, until you start injecting life into it. Maybe some videos of people saying just how good you are? Well, testimonials should ideally do more than that, they should tell a story. Notice that in the scenario I built above, I spoke about the situation with the children. Testimonials should start by talking about the problems that your prospects have. “I knew I had to tackle this issue, but was really worried that this was going to be time consuming/lead to lots of extra work/cost a fortune, but the outcome is that this Company have been so effective that I now realise I didn’t have anything to worry about”.

Without a doubt, get written testimonials on to your website. Secondly, request a photo of the person giving the testimonial. If you can add that human personality then that is better than just the text alone. Thirdly, the most of the important of the three: video testimonials. If you can get your customers to give you a video testimonial, (don’t worry about top quality video at this particular point in time) in which they are speaking honestly about your company, it will add so much weight and it will become your #1 sales converter.

Finally, where do testimonials go on your Website? Many companies add a testimonials page to their website and it is fine to do this, but also place at least one testimonial on every page of your website that is relevant to that particular product or service. If possible rotate several on a page, as this shows that you have got more than one person who has had their problem solved by you.