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It is now time to take a look at Social Bookmarking. This is closely related to Social Media. We’re going to talk about Social Media Marketing later, but for now let’s focus on Social Bookmarking. This is a very important part of your Success Ingredients because it’s got to come before you build your Website. I’m not talking about Social Media Buttons, where people can join you on your Social Media channels; you don’t actually need to be active on Social Media to have your web pages include Social Media Bookmarking. So, we’re going to have a look at how to add bookmarks to your website and what the bookmarks actually are.

Let me explain what I’m on about. Every hour millions of people search the Internet and see a number of web pages. When they find one that they like and want to share it, Social Bookmarking enables them to do exactly that. When they share a page, they are sharing your content with the people that they know, but you probably don’t, so they are widening your potential market on your behalf.

No one can spend all day, every day promoting their own website, pushing it out there to the world, but with Social Bookmarking you can allow others to share your message for you. So, what does that means? How does it look on the page? How do you get Social Bookmarking icons?

Well, you’ve probably already seen the Social Bookmarking icons. If you were to go onto a Blog, you would most probably see that it’s got the default Google+1, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and to Email Buttons. All you have to do is click on one of those Buttons and it will share that content through the Social Media Platform that you have chosen. It doesn’t matter if the blogger isn’t on Twitter; it matters whether you are. Remember, you’re going to be sharing it with the people you’re connected with, not the people that blogger is connected with. So, how do you actually go ahead and get those buttons on your website?

I did say that those buttons would go on every website and they absolutely will. Go online now and visit As you can see on the Homepage, you can choose different styles of the icons that you would like. Have a look around now and see which styles you would like on your website. Let’s say for now that you want the longer version so you can see how many Facebook likes or how many Tweets you get etc. You are now going to need the code for that icon.

Now, does offers more than just the buttons; it will also do all of the tracking for you. Due to this, you need to connect and have an account with one of your Social Connections, or maybe an email address and a password. I would advise that you add your email address as they provide hints and tips in their monthly Newsletter!

Now that you’re inside, you can choose what platform you’re going to be sending out your “Addthis” Button on. You have the option to put them on your website, Blogger, WordPress and various other choices, so make sure you choose a relevant option. When you click on the ‘grab it’ button, it will have now copied the code for you. It’s that simple. You now embed this code onto your Web page. If you’re not developing your own website, then you will need to give this code to your Web Developer. Your Web Developer will know where to put this code and once it has been embedded, those buttons will be available on your website. If you choose to change to a different style, the code will change, so you will need to then re-grab the code.

So what’s the process? Let’s take Twitter for example, when someone clicks on that Twitter Icon they will be given a piece of code that will be published to their Twitter account. They could then post the link to your website on their Facebook, Google+ etc. So why is this so important? First of all, as people come to your website and start sharing your content, that’s going to start spreading the word about your business. Secondly, Link Strategy is extremely important. We will cover this in more detail later, but Link Strategy is all about getting quality links to your website. At the most simple level, this means the more people who like your content, the higher you will go up in the natural Search Engine listings.

You have now seen how easy it is to create that Social Bookmarking for your website. If you are stuck for a Web Developer to do that for you, then contact my team at Urban Media, but your own Web Developer should be able to do that very easily.



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