This is an interesting Success Ingredient and like testimonials, Guarantees are really important. Sometimes in my live events when I’m speaking about this subject, it is evident that Guarantees are quite scary for some people, while others take it too flippantly. So, I really want you to focus on this.

If you provide a service and something went wrong for your customer, would you do everything in your power to put it right? Of course you would. Most of us are actually quite ethical. We would not want somebody having a sub-standard service or product from us. I’m going assume for a second that you’re in the ethical category (I really hope that you are).

So, if you would do anything to put things right you already have an unpublished Guarantee. Clearly, it’s difficult for me to come up with the words of your Guarantee statement without me being sat with you but it would be based around this idea that you would put things right.

I remember once that I was talking with a dentist, and he said “But I can’t give a Guarantee”. I said, “Well hold on and let’s revert back to a conversation that we’ve had only 15 minutes ago. You told me that you have a USP, (a Unique Selling Position) that is all based on the fact that you make people feel more at ease than any other Dentist”. If you’re going to make such a bold statement (I encourage you to make bold statements), you really need to guarantee that bold statement. If you’re not going to guarantee it, then you shouldn’t be stating it.

It’s either a lie or a set in stone guarantee. It can’t be in the middle. I suggested to the Dentist that he should guarantee that he will put his clients at ease more than any other Dentist they’ve been to. How powerful is that? That Dentist is now using that exact guarantee. You see, he was doing that anyway, but until our discussion he wasn’t using it in his marketing material.

Guarantees put people’s minds at rest. Imagine all the people in your testimonials saying how good you are, and how you solved their problem and then on top of that you’ve got a Guarantee. You’ve taken all of the risk away.

Why do you think this is called the Guaranteed Online Success? I know that you will get results as you put all of this into practise. If you don’t get results then I don’t want to take your money. I’d do anything in my power to put it right, because my relationship with you is worth more than the cash that you’ve paid. Having a Guarantee statement might well have influenced your to buy. If you did do all of the work and they didn’t get the results, first of all I’d be absolutely shocked, but secondly I’d gladly give your money back, because it means we get more sales.

I want you to think really hard on this and get to work on your Guarantee statement. Remember to make it easy. Your Guarantee needs to be a one-liner and do not have an asterisks in there. Customers don’t want to see “subject to Terms and Conditions”. That just deflates the whole power of a good Guarantee. So, go away now and come up with your powerful Guarantee statement.