Turn on the Tap Social Media

Social Media Course

In this Social Media Course we’ll teach you how you can use social media to your best advantage for business.  Most people try to use it the same way they use their personal accounts.  That helps some, but there are techniques that will make it far more effective.

The course has 6 modules:

1)  Introduction to Social Media – This covers some of the basics around the use of social media and teaches a few things you can do to make it easier

2)  The Big 4: 1 Facebook - In this module we go into the social media titan: Facebook.  Determining if it is a marketing channel appropriate for your business, elements of creating great posts, the importance of “Likes”, etc.

3) The Big 4: 2 Twitter - How to use twitter for business is markedly different from your personal accounts.  The learning you’ll take from this module is about how you can engage with potential clients and win their business, to get people talking about your business, and much, much more.

4) The Big 4: 3 Linked In - The primary social media tool for business-to-business marketing.  This module of the Social Media Course will teach how to best make use of this powerful medium.

5) The Big 4: 4 YouTube - the second biggest search engine in the world, YouTube, when used properly, can improve you profitability in many ways.  This lesson will teach you how.

6) The Big 4 Bonus – Google + - As it is owned by Google, you can’t help but know it is going to be very important!