Your Specific Niche

It’s time to have a look at your specific niche. So, what is a Niche and what is a Micro-Niche? I don’t know if you’ve come across that phrase yet, but there is increasing talk about Micro-Niche.

If you’re selling anything to anybody, that’s very vague and it’s difficult to have a target market. It’s also very difficult for the people who hear your message to understand that what you’re offering is particularly relevant to them. This is why you need a niche. We could also say that “Niche equals needs” because what we’re looking at here is the different needs of the different customers out there.

Now, if you can Micro-Niche that’s even better because then you’re really pinpointing a particular problem. Let’s take Pharmaceuticals for example; “We supply drugs to people”. If I’ve got a pounding migraine headache, I don’t know whether you’re the right person for me, because the drugs you have might be Hay Fever Tablets. If you then say “We provide Painkillers for people”, again you’re in the right Target Market, but you’re still not being quite specific enough. However, if you say “We are the premium supplier of Migraine Relief Tablets”, suddenly you’ve hit the nail directly on the head. I’ve got a particular problem, it’s very specific and I need a Painkiller for my Migraine. You’ve got a particular solution that is very specific; you provide a specific problem-solving tablet to deal with my need.

So, Niche and Micro-Niche; depending on what it is that you’re selling, the service or product you deliver, you may be able to Niche down or even Micro-Niche down. But then of course, why would you want to do that, because are you not just discounting all the other people who might come to you? You may think it makes it harder to sell, but it in focusing on your niche, you actually make it easier.

If I’m a Painter and Decorator, that’s fine because I provide a painting and decorating service, but what if I’m an External Decorator of Public Service Properties? Now I’m really focusing on my market and I can start to advertise directly to those people. I’m not advertising to everybody now, I’m just advertising to my particular Niche.

So if we’re going to do that, how can we really strengthen things? Let’s say you’re a Business Coach and therefore you sell Business Advice, Business Support and Mentoring. That’s fine; you could supply that to anybody because Sales, Profits, HR and Finance are things that are a problem or a need for a variety of people. But if you’ve worked all of your life within the Engineering Sector, then maybe what you need to do is find your Niche within that particular Industry. By doing this, you could then say, “I’m a Business Advisor to the Engineering Industry”. Imagine how much more powerful of a statement that is to the Engineering companies.

Let’s take it a step further. Where would you advertise your services if you were the Business Advisor of the Engineering Industry? Suddenly you can find the right forums in the right places online, you can follow the right people on Twitter, you can be in the right LinkedIn groups etc. All these are clearly defined opportunities for marketing, because you know exactly who you want to speak to. You can tie this in with the work we’ve done on your Avatar and on Tribes etc.

If you can tie your Niche into your exact experience and the strength of experience you have in a particular area, then it will make it all the more compelling for people to buy from you.

If you look at the material that I create, it’s not based around the Web, but it’s based around Return on Investment through Internet Marketing. As you go through some of my material, you might well notice that I’ve got a lot of strength and experience in web, but I’ve also got stories of turning big financial losses for Internet Marketing into big financial profits. My stories and my experiences support the particular Niche or Micro-Niche that I have within Internet Marketing.

I want you to actually work out what your Niche is. If you can do a Micro-Niche, that’s even better. But at least to start with, work out your Niche and you’ll be able to work out where to market to your potential customers. From this day forward, I don’t want you to say that you supply anything to anybody. I want you to be really clear in your messaging around your Niche.


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