In this section I want to talk about building up a Tribe. Tribes are very well articulated by a marketing guru called Seth Goden. In fact, he’s got a book called “Tribes”, and it is definitely worth a read. To begin with, I am going to help you to understand how tribes could have a positive affect your particular business.

Imagine now that you have to communicate with every one of your potential customers in order to attract them to you. So this could mean picking up the phone and actually have a conversation. Equally this could mean speaking to them through sending out a piece of Direct Mail, or getting a Telemarketer involved, having more conversations on Social Media, or Email Marketing and the list just goes on. It might be vital, but it becomes a little bit relentless. All the time you have to go out and do all the hard work to bring in new prospects.

So, what’s this got to do with tribes? Imagine if all of your existing customers were absolute raving fans about your business? Just imagine that for a second that everybody who you already work with, was out there talking about you in a positive light, spreading your message. As a result people are trying to contact you instead of you contacting them. Can you imagine being a real client magnet just by keeping your existing contacts really happy? That’s really what tribes are all about.

We become a tribe leader in various ways and normally it’s about finding your particular Niche in the market. There are other sections based on what your Avatar looks like and building a specific Niche, but let’s follow it through in terms of tribes. As you really focus on the customers that you can help the most, then they become absolutely raving fans of your business and they help to do the hard work for you. So, you’re connected up with 10 people, they are connected with another 10 people, and another 10 people. You can just see how this can absolutely explode as more and more people discover and rave about what it is that you do.

Don’t forget to connect with your Tribe on social media and interact with them. Considering they are saying so many good things about you, you will want to thank them for their support. I want you to consider now, how you can use Internet Marketing to really help and support your tribe so that they can promote you even more.

Remember that it is very important to communicate with your tribe if possible in person as well as online. I want you to spend plenty of time on this. One of the keys to your Online Success is building up a real loyal following and a real tribe. Building up a tribe of people who rate what we do highly, is certainly how I’ve managed to build my business. Building tribes is also far more enjoyable than chasing after the next sale.


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