The Mobile Web


I would be surprised if you haven’t noticed just how many people are now looking at websites from mobile devices. Long gone is the day when the Phone was just a Phone, now it does everything for you, and there’s a massive trend towards searching and browsing the Internet through Smart Phones and other mobile devices.

Picture your website a fraction of its size now, so that you can’t even read the words and imagine just how useful that is on a mobile device. If your website isn’t responsive to mobile devices, the visitor will have to zoom and stretch each webpage so they can read it and then keep scrolling across to find what they want. Without a responsive website you are helping your users and visitors to go and view somebody else’s website, which we clearly want to avoid. We want them to be able to gain access to your content on the platform or device they want to use to access your content. If you want to achieve Online Success, you need to build a mobile responsive version of your website.

So what do I mean by a mobile-responsive website? It is quite simple. You’ll have seen on Smartphones that the screens are not as wide as a computer screen. Computer screens are getting wider and wider whilst mobile devices are getting smaller.

To help your website visitors, you have to deliver the content in the right format. Make it easy for people to press buttons and to scroll up and down to find what they need. You probably want to strip out a lot of the content from your website, but this also needs consideration. What are the key things that somebody would be searching for if they were searching for your products or services through a Mobile Device? Let’s get them that content!

It may be as simple as describing the problem that you solve or the solution that you offer. Some websites just show the location of the nearest store, or simply have a headline service, product or advice/news item. Retaining clear contact details is usually advisable, but what else should you put onto the Mobile Version of your website?

Note that what I’ve just said there is, “What should you put on your mobile website?” rather than “Do you need a mobile website?” I absolutely feel that you need to have a mobile version of your website. You need to build that now so that as more and more people start to use mobile devices, you’re reaping the benefits.

So, time to take action. Have a look at the main content that you’ve decided you’re going to be putting into your website. What areas of that content are not quite so relevant? This is going to be a really good discipline because you’re going to have to cut down a lot of the words for the mobile version of your website. You need to be to the point, precise. You need the best option to solve problems quickly and effectively for your mobile visitor. Take some time now, focus on exactly how much space you have available to you and think about what content should be on your Mobile website.


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