Start With the End in Mind

Starting with the end in mind is really, really important. Too many websites start by building a website,  then maybe getting traffic to the website, without any clear purpose or objective and that’s a mistake. I want you to be really clear and focused on exactly what it is that you want your website to achieve. In doing that, I want to narrow it down further and say, what is the one main thing you want your website to achieve? If nothing else could take place, what is the one key important factor that must happen in order for your website to be considered a success?

For your business it might be that you want to get another 50 admissions on your course; it might be you need to sign up another 1,000 businesses to your database. It might be that you need to sell another 10 or 15 programs of whatever you do, or you need to generate 5 clients. It could be a wide range of things that are specific to you, but let’s focus on the one key thing that you want your website to achieve.

Whilst most businesses want multiple outcomes from their website I want you to be really focused. As soon as you start coming up with 10 different things that you want your website to achieve, then you reduce the chance that it will do any one of those things exceptionally well. If you’ve got three particular outcomes that you want, how can you integrate them in your website? It might be that you’ve got three distinct sections and maybe three micro sites is a better option than one website.

I like to describe it as water flowing. If you were to put water in the top of the funnel and underneath there was no pipework, then the water would just come out of the bottom. Imagine that pipework now joining up and effectively moving the water from wherever you put it in at the top, through to exactly where you want it out the bottom. That’s what I would call joined up thinking in relation to Internet Marketing. However, you can’t do that until you start with the end in mind.

So effectively I am asking you to build it all backwards. Once you have a plan mapped out, you can consider the impact of Online Marketing, your Social Media and Search Engine Optimization and how that can enhance your plan. It all has to tie together and is achieved through always having the end in mind.

Take some time now to really focus on, what is the single most important thing that must happen as a result of somebody coming through your Internet Marketing to your website? Will they come back out the other end as a customer?


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