Unlocking the Search Engine Code

SEO Course

SEO Course

1)  Keyphrase Research is always the place to start.  This module of the SEO Course will teach you how to evaluate key phrases and choose the one that will be the most effective for your business which are often not the ones that get the most searches.

2)  Competitor Analysis will help you understand the ways you can look at websites already well ranked for your key phrases, and help you use that knowledge in the improvement of your site’s rankings.

3)  The Search Engine Algorithm module will explain how search engines formulate their rankings, and how you can use that learning to take the right approach with your SEO.

4)  On-page Optimisation is all-important.  If that isn’t done correctly, nothing else you do will help.  The other forms of SEO must be done in coordination with the on-site work in order to be effective.

5)  The Off-page Optimisation module will teach you all the various ways you can use other websites to help establish your website as the authority on the subjects of your key phrases.  This can be done poorly and can result in penalties from search engines, so pay close attention!

6)  The last module in the SEO Course is about Paid Search Listings.  These are the sponsored links, or ads, that you find at the top and down the right-hand side of the results pages.  You will learn ways to do this most effective and cost effective way.