Track and Measure

With any marketing activity, you definitely need to be tracking the results. Tracking and measuring is vital for understanding the success of any marketing including SEO, your social media activity, your websites conversions and of course email marketing. In measuring, you can see what works, what doesn’t and use the more detailed data to inform of changes to be made for future campaigns.

For email marketing, some of the key metrics that you can look at include the number of people opened your email and the number who clicked on a link. Whilst Google Analytics might tell you you’ve had 10 views of the page, your email marketing system can tell you who actually clicked on a certain link. You can then market to those people appropriately. If you know that one particular client has clicked on a specific link four times in the last week, there’s definitely a raised awareness of that product or service and a potential interest in buying it. You can use this information to inform the next step of securing the sale.

Your approach may be to make a phone call or send a more personalised email. With email marketing, don’t fear the “unsubscribe” it helps to filter those who are actually interested in your email. There is no point in you having a thousand subscribers to an email if only five of them actually read it. Big numbers aren’t what matters, it is back to the all-important relevance. It’s better to have 80 subscribers where 75% regularly read your content. If you have an email marketing system take time to look at the tracking options and available data.