Mail Blast

Mail blast is essentially a one off email. Imagine the situation whereby you’ve suddenly got some availability in your schedule. You might be a painter and decorator for example. You might do your best to plan around the weather, but the forecast is for heavy rain on Monday when you’ve planned an exterior job. A mail blast enables you to send out a quick email to all the contacts in your database selling that time at a reduced rate. Rather than being left with no work on Monday, you now have the opportunity to fill your time with a last minute job. You can say, “We’ve just had the weather warning and we no longer want to be outdoors on Monday. For that reason, we’re offering a 50% discount to the first customer who books us.”

Without a system in place, that becomes quite a difficult task. You only want to send it to the people who will find it most relevant and who aren’t already booked in for a full price job. If you’ve got a system in place, you can select the ideal recipients easily and just send out a mail blast.

A mail blast is probably the closest thing to a sales letter. Therefore, it is important to think about how you’re going to write it. Again, I would avoid flash graphics. Just write as you would normally and say something along the lines of; “Hey guys, this particular incident has happened. This means I can do this particular offer and it’s the first limited number of people to reply that’ll be able to use that time on Monday”. Make sure that you’re not being overly sales driven, simply present the opportunity and make sure that you have a time or number limited offer to get people to respond quickly.

Now, given that that mail blast might just happen quickly, you could already have some prepared for common eventualities. You could create a Bad weather Mail Blast’ a ‘Stock Clearance Mail Blast’ or a ‘Cancelled booking Mail Blast’. This way, it’s there waiting for when you need to use it. You might have a “Job Delayed Mail Blast” or “I’ve just taken on a new intern Mail Blast”. As an example, you could be a hairdresser who has got a new stylist coming in and you want to get the appointment book filled. Whatever the reason may be, you can have those messages pre-set so that you can just roll them out when they become relevant.

What I want you to do now is, to have a look at what it is that you could quickly email out if you’ve already got it sat there ready. How could you get more sales and fill up more capacity by having those emails at your fingertips?