Visitor Journey


I find it really strange that as we go around looking at websites, we always view the website as a visitor. However, when it comes to building a website, we simply think about what we want to share with others. What I want you to do in this section is consider your visitor journey.

When we design a website we need to constantly be thinking “what would our visitor be experiencing at that point in time?” Therefore, we need to start from before they land on the website. Where are they coming from? Are they likely to find you via a Google search or through Social Media? Which pages will they land on, and what’s the first thing that they see?

I get really excited looking for holidays to Disney World. So, let’s use that as an example, because I’m going to enjoy this we go through it. Imagine now that you’ve saved up and decided it’s time to take the family to visit Disneyworld. You’re really excited and want to get it booked at the best price as easily as you possibly can.

So, go straight on to Google and type in “family holiday to Disneyland Florida”. What comes up? Straight away you can see the Pay-Per-Click adverts. Quite often people dismiss Pay-Per-Click, but I want you to click on the first one. This site at the top right now is and as it is at the top of the Pay-Per-Click adverts, they are going to be paying good money to be there! So take a look at the website now.

Remember, as you go through to the website, this has just cost that person some money. They have got to make sure that they’ve thought about the visitor journey to make sure that you end up clicking on the “buy now” button. So, how are you going do that?

First of all, you’ve got a list of the holidays relevant to the search term. That doesn’t seem particularly clever, until you think that many people who invest in Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click, send you through to a standard Home Page, where you usually have to re-enter your search details, but this has taken you straight to the listings that tie in with what you had actually asked for back on Google.

Brilliant, you’re now half way there! As you look at the page, you can see that it’s very clean and simple which is always going to be a benefit when finding what you want. If at any point you have a question you’ve got the phone number right at the top (of every page)! Take a look now at the different options that they offer. By having the thumbnails, a little bit of information and the star rating system on each location, they provide enough information to get you interested. It’s also small enough for there to be plenty of choices on that one page. So, if one particular destination doesn’t suit, then there are others to choose from at a range of different prices.

Have a look at the bottom left hand corner of the page where you can see the Industry Association. This is just as good as a Guarantee because you now know that this site is safe to purchase from. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a holiday to find out that it’s a scam. So having Industry Logo there is definitely a plus.

This is all going really well so far because as you explore the site they’re making the whole experience enjoyable for you. So, once you have searched for your holiday using the criteria on the right hand side, you can even look at the different flight times. Bear in mind that at this point you may have been impressed by the site, but you’ve not yet made a purchase. So they need to take it a step further, as you have cost them money by visited their site through a Pay-Per-Click advert.

So how do they do that? Once you have chosen a particular location and clicked on it, the site tells you that the deposit is going to be low. It tells you how much it is per person and you will notice that they also have an Up-sell. Straight away they’ve given you an option to upgrade the room further, making more profit on the amount of money that you’re about to spend with them. Can you see how they’re using various Success Ingredients together in order to pull your sale through?

It then asks what you would like to do next; this is the Call to Action piece. Have a look at the different options they provide; saving a quote, printing a quote and emailing the quote. The one that is actually highlighted in red is the “Book Online Now” button. It tells you what you need to do. In terms of the visitor journey, you can see throughout the website that it’s very clean, it’s very easy and it turns their Pay-Per-Click into an investment by making it easy for you to buy at the other end.

Finally, if you look at the top of the page, you will see that you can also share your booking with all of the people that you know. So, you can happily tell people, “Hey guys, I’m looking at a Holiday in Florida”. You can Tweet “Just booked my Holiday, can’t wait!” You can add it to Facebook because they’ve made it really easy for you. You could then like them on Facebook etc. As you do that, the people in your circles will see that and if they were considering a Disneyworld trip, it may prompt them to make a purchase themselves.

We’ve spoke about this before in terms of Lifetime Customer Value’s etc. They’ve made the whole process so easy, that they’re getting more of a return on their Investment, because they considered your Visitor Journey. They had a look at it from your position. What would happen when you found them on Google? When you clicked on the link, where would you be sent to? Will it take you right to where you wanted to go?

As you went through the process, they reassure you that they were the right people to work with by making it easy for you to buy from them and maybe even with a little extra add on (it is a once in a lifetime family holidays after all!)They offered you a slightly better room and it would only cost you a little bit more.

What I want you to do now is to really think about your visitor journey. You might not selling something as exciting and fun as a Disneyworld Holiday, but you potential customer still go through the same process. How does your visitor find you and interact with you? Make sure they enjoy the journey, right through to the point of making a purchase. This may just lead to your new, satisfied customers sharing some good news about you on their Social Media.