Competitor Analysis

When we look at how to Build The Killer Website in the next lesson, it is important that we have already considered our competitor analysis. What tends to happen when I ask people to look at a competitor’s website is they look at it from their perspective, rather than from the ideal customer perspective. What I want you to do is to have a look at the websites of all your competitors and be really objective. Remember, websites are all about carrying out a key objective so we’ve got to look at it in a specific way – what goal do they appear to be focused on and what is in place to help them achieve it?

So, have a look at your Competitors. Remember, your competitors are not just the businesses you know about offline. Do a search for whatever it is you’re going to be selling or promoting and find out who comes up. You are likely to find different competitors to those you automatically think. Take a look at as many different websites as possible; the more references you have the better.

I want you to look at your Competitors websites and see what they’ve got on there. Take a look at what you like and what you don’t like, but more importantly, what is it that they’ve got? Do they have a good ‘Call to Action’? We have already discussed the 8 Key Success Ingredients; how many have they got on their particular sites?

How is the website working for them? Unless you know somebody in that company, you’re not going to find out details. What you can find out is this: Do they have a way to collect visitor information? What is it they’re offering in terms of a free guide, special offers, on page testimonials, clear contact details, video…? Is it engaging?

Go away now and produce a report on every single one of them. Stay focused, look at the Key Success Ingredients that your competitors have got. This work is going to help you to find the gaps; ways in which you can really capitalize on the fact that they’ve not considered the Key Success Ingredients to the extent that you have. You get all the benefits of integrating elements you feel they’ve done well whilst avoiding the bits that they’ve done wrong. So, go away and carry out some fantastic Objective Competitor Analysis.