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Internet Marketing Course, SEO Course, Social Media Course

Internet Marketing Course

Let’s face it, we would all love to have an Internet Marketing coach of Elton’s calibre to take our own internet marketing from the planning phase right through to the successful and repeatable lead generation phase. Elton’s strategies and advice have created hundreds of thousands of pounds of profit for his clients. Who wouldn’t want that?!

At the same time, you may not have the budget right now to retain Elton on a one to one basis. This is where the online success programme (internet marketing course) fits in. Elton Has created a programme that combines a Website Development Course, SEO Course and Social Media Course along with all the elements that make those things work, that is quite literally guaranteed to produce not just more ‘hits’, but more profits. At the centre of everything Elton does, he wants to help you to achieve more profit through internet marketing.

Elton is a big believer in helping people ‘get a foot up’. This FREE internet marketing course is his way of giving back to those who simply don’t have the budget for internet marketing coaching right now. It is a simple philosophy; Be nice and help those that need help. However, don’t underestimate the power of this material. Elton has filled the course with everything you need.

So why give away the crown jewels?

Let’s face it, if you are not at the stage where you can budget for an internet marketing coach or even an internet marketing company to do the work for you, then you need a hand. By offering you not just a hand, but a massive ‘leg up’, you may just find yourself in a position where either Elton can help you in person through his training or coaching or Urban Media (Elton’s web company) can take over the work you have started with Elton’s Free internet marketing course. You see, there are no hidden agenda’s, just a strong desire to see you doing well. Of course, we’d love a testimonial once you put the information into practice and start to see the results!

This internet marketing course is not aimed at affiliate marketing, quick cash schemes etc. It has been designed to help exactly the type of businesses that Elton is so successful at helping. These are the ‘real’ businesses. The often bricks and mortar and almost always full-time, hard working businesses that need to get to grips with how the internet can influence their own business for greater profit. The lessons you will learn have come from helping these businesses to not only grow their own sales, but also turnaround businesses that were failing and have now gone on to succeed.

Are you ready to create your own online success story?

In the Online Success Programme you will master;

Setting Solid Foundations
  • Understand the playing field
  • How Marketing / Web-Build / Follow up all tie together
  • Current situation review
  • Assess marketing / conversions / competitors / measurement / financials
  • Objective setting and strategy
  • Setting KPIs and project deadlines
The 8 Key Success Ingredients

  • The 8 key elements for any website to succeed
  • How to use these elements to generate convert more visitors
Building the Killer Website

  • Understanding what type of site will work best
  • Myth busting what the masses say about websites
  • Wire frames and usability
  • What is DDA, W3C, Browser Compatibility, CSS etc.
  • The mobile Web and what it means to you
  • Using the ‘8 key success ingredients’ to produce high conversions
SEO Course – Unlocking the Search Engine Code

  • The difference between paid, free, maps, images, videos etc.
  • Natural search listings are created by an algorithm
  • Teaching how the algorithm works and what is Page Rank
  • Keyphrase Research
  • Point scoring; Keyword Density, HTML Tags, Meta Tags, Relevance
  • Paid listing options (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Paid listing basics and practical usage
  • Learn about lowering the cost per click through better targeting
  • Using landing pages to ensure Pay per Click R.O.I.
Social Media Course: Your ‘turn on the tap’ Social Media Lead system

  • Teaching about social media including the current ‘Big 4’ (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • What to do and power techniques for winning business through each network
  • Learn to Blog Successfully
  • Tools to automate and save you time, whilst still staying effective
Emailing your way to continued success

  • The different types of email messages that produce sales
  • When email marketing is spam and when it is not
  • Sending from your own computer or using a specialist service
  • Creating Autoresponders that capture attention rather than hit the recycling bin
  • Is there still a place for email newsletters and if so why and how?
  • Mailblast and why you need to have your audience segmented ready to send impulse emails
  • Up Sell and Cross Sell through automated emails.
  • CRM in relation to email marketing (joined up communication)

 Internet Marketing, SEO & Social Media Course

SEO Course, Social Media Course The Internet Marketing Course, SEO Course, and Social Media Course that are in this programme if delivered by Elton in person would cost in excess of £6,000.  Instead, it is yours for Free! It isn’t a cut back version, there are no ‘time limits’, just a lot of information and tools to help you succeed.

  • 7 sections
  • 44,500 words
  • 56 worksheets
  • 8+ hours of video tuition
  • Additional resources and templates
SEO and Social Media Courses


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