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Are you looking for a presenter that is both entertaining and informative? An excellent communicator to present the technical aspects of online marketing in simple terms. Elton Boocock regularly receives excellent feedback where even the most ‘technophobic’ audiences not only survive, but thrive and pick up new skills that can be used immediately. Previously, Elton has presented to business groups, franchise networks, charity conferences and even to board room meetings. These public speaking and SEO training events have been in open and closed environments.

Elton has a way of simplifying topics such as Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media. He makes them easy to understand and ‘attainable’ to even the newest digital user. Want to go deeper? As someone who started his own online marketing company before Google was conceived, he has the depth of knowledge to provide advanced support to even the most seasoned professional. Equally at home with encouraging new adoptees as he is with identifying specific advanced solutions and techniques, Elton is an all-rounder that will bring huge benefits to all who attend his Social Media and SEO training. Sound like a bold statement? He guarantees it!

We all know that the majority of training courses result in a small spike in knowledge, followed by very little change. Elton is all about change. In any training or public speaking session, he is looking for the takeaway actions that you can do to cement the learning. His style is very pragmatic and contains as much ‘hands on’ as it does strategy. As he would say “the theory is great, but it is the doing that will make a difference”.

Elton is happy to create bespoke presentations based on your specific needs. Alternatively, you may want him to deliver one of the following presentations. Either way, you will leave with tangible outcomes that will push your organisation forward.

If you would like to book Elton for SEO Training, please complete the details below or call Angela on 01494 538441

Are you part of a business group?

Elton has limited availability to attend your networking group and present on any of the key online marketing topics. If you would like Elton to talk to your group free of charge, please contact us to discuss availability.

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