If this is your goal, you could be missing the point. As with so many things in life, the focus should be on quality not quantity. If you are looking at ways to improve your business marketing, let us explain how social media can be a valuable asset.

Firstly it is important to understand the reasons that people are drawn to social media, why they enjoy being active on it and what encourages them to return time and time again. Essentially it boils down to a few key factors; bonding, status and entertainment.


Social media has been set up as an online means of building and retaining relationships, whether that’s with friend, family or business contacts. People feel want to sign up to social media platforms because that is where conversations are happening. They want to be part of these conversations and not miss out on what’s going on.

The strongest bonds are formed between people that we have a genuine interest in. We want to surround ourselves with people that share our values, our interests and our lifestyle needs. In the same way that you seek out certain people at a networking event or party, you want to surround yourself with like-minded people on social media.

It is far better to have a small number of followers who have a genuine interest in what you do, than huge numbers of followers who skip your content and have no interest in your comments. Superficial relationships mean nothing in the real or virtual world, so invest time and effort in those genuine contacts.

Such contacts might be people you have met at events, people from the same industry or community and people with a similar ethos who could be working towards the same goals as you. You might connect with suppliers, clients or people you would like the opportunity to meet. What you should avoid is buying contacts or connecting when there is no mutual benefit.


People also like social media because it is a public forum for projecting an image. This is how they want others to see them; an expert in a specific field, active, stylish, generous, social, professional, creative, caring etc. All of us select what we post and it seldom clashes with the image we present.

If your company offers goods or services that support someone’s status, they will want to follow you because you are endorsing their image. This is one of the reasons that charities can often gain a lot of support on social media, because people don’t just want to donate, fundraise or give their time to a project, they want others to know that they are doing it.

If you fully understand what need the goods and services that you sell are fulfilling for your customers, this should become the focus of your social media activity. This will naturally draw the interest of the people who view this as an important part of their image.


Social media is a means of entertainment. Social media activity addresses a need to connect and interact with others. Entertaining posts are shared, laughed at, commented on and enjoyed. In addition many plans are made to get together and do something fun in person.

If it sits with the natural personality of your business, you may find entertaining posts to be a good means of attracting interest and building brand awareness. Alternatively, you might be in an industry that runs regular events or in the case of a gym, restaurant, cinema and the like, can always provide an enjoyable experience for interested parties.

Back to the Relationship

Finally, it is important to remember that social media is a two way conversation. In addition to preparing and posting content, you should comment on and share other relevant content that you are genuinely interested in. You need to respond to comments that relate to your business and support other businesses in your community or industry.

Remember that quality is better than quantity and to get results you need to understand how your business can fit into the aspects that make social media attractive.

For more information on the best use of other marketing tools, you could benefit from a social media course. Why not work through Elton Boocock’s free online marketing resource at your own pace? It could help you make the right decisions for your business.