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Elton’s 1 to 1 SEO Coaching and Internet Marketing Coaching is perfect for those that need to achieve results quickly.

Elton will quite literally hand hold you through the process of becoming an online success. He will draw the best out of your current suppliers or draw upon his own team where appropriate. Naturally, this option is best suited to companies that have the budget, the time or cash to implement the activities that will be required as a result of Elton’s 1 to 1 SEO coaching sessions with you. The results though are effective. Very effective. Elton’s no-nonsense approach will cut to the core of any current issues and find new opportunities for growth.

You can retain Elton on a monthly basis to work alongside you and your team or simply request a one off trouble shooting Skype call. Whatever option suits you best, Elton’s experience will make a massive impact. It already has for so many other businesses. What’s more, you are protected by Elton’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t feel that your time with Elton added value, just say! There is everything to gain and nothing to lose for you.

A small business which had previously had good search engine positions found after a Google update that their listings dropped dramatically. Fortunately, their accountant had seen Elton’s work before and suggested retaining Elton to turn around the situation. The company had resorted to spending £25,000 per month on Pay per Click to sustain the level of leads required. This was on top of various ‘internet marketing’ services. Elton soon diagnosed that they were generating leads at a loss and put in strategies to change this immediately. Through the next 10 months, Elton saved the company £22,500 per month in overall internet marketing spend and at the same time increased the levels of leads. the cost of a lead had gone from £81 to just £12. He had the company generating leads at a profit within the first month!

SEO Coaching / Internet Marketing Coaching

Why would you need 1 to 1 Internet Marketing Coaching with Elton?

  • Elton has a lot of experience (since 1997). As a result, he will see things that other internet ‘professionals’ don’t
  • Elton has a ‘no-nonsense’ approach. This is very rare in such a ‘creative’ industry
  • Elton has the right credentials both online and offline to make your route to success far quicker
  • Elton has the right contacts and team to provide a full solution where needed
  • Elton understands that you may have good relationships with your existing internet professionals, but they just need the guidance of someone more experienced.

Whilst these are all good reasons in their own right, ultimately, there is only one reason why you should take on 1 to 1 Internet Marketing Coaching and SEO Coaching from Elton: Return On Investment. His coaching has only one measurement; Your Success. Each meeting or Skype call you have with Elton will leave you with significant improvements that will instantly add to your bottom line. Remember, if you are not happy, you just have to say. you are protected by Elton’s personal guarantee. We all dream of huge visitor numbers and more leads than we can cope with, but what happens when it actually comes true? This was the dilemma for another of Elton’s SEO coaching clients. Starting their new business just as the world went into a global recession was, with hindsight not the best decision the new owners had made. They needed internet marketing to work for them more than most. Elton’s ‘order a sample’ strategy and targeted SEO advice resulted in 4,000 sample requests in one night! The business went on to be so successful that it was sold in a multi-million pound (sterling) deal in 2012. The MD believes that this was a lot to do with Elton’s input and is now building another online business and Elton is at the centre of this too.

SEO coaching call Why not book a Skype call with Elton and see just how effective one hour of Elton’s time could be to your internet marketing campaign. If you don’t value the advice, the call is on us!

Whether you want to discuss a plan or troubleshoot a current problem, you will get back the cost of this 1 to 1 coaching call time and time again. You can ask for help with SEO, Pay per Click, Analytics, Social Media or how to convert more of your visitors. Once you have booked the call (by clicking ‘buy now’ below), we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for you to take the call. We will also ask for the nature of your question and get the necessary contact details etc. Elton will then call you (having looked at your website etc. if appropriate) and following the call, he will email you direct with the details of what was discussed. All you have to do is book the call. If you feel after the call that you did not get valuable advice that you can action to improve your current success, simply ask for your money back. Elton is so committed to your success, that he will only be happy if you are!

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